Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brothas Rocking AfriqueLaChic Jewelry

A few pictures of brothas rocking Afriquelachic pieces. If you own a piece send me a pictures so I can show you off:) If you would like to own a piece please click the "Shop Kongo Kollection" on the right. Shop Kongo Collection here

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

African and Tribal Jewelry for Men

Five years ago I found the need to create African and tribal jewelry for men. In my searches I rarely found pieces available solely for men who were looking for a tribal look beyond cowrie shells strung on a leather cord or a piece of hemp. So I began my search for tribal pendants, African trade beads, natural stones, wood and bone beads and anything else I found masculine to create unique jewelry for men. Many of my pendants are vintage and one of a kind that have been imported from Africa and beyond. Here are a few of my pieces below. If you are interested in the Kongo Kollection please check out